Maternity care: what is it?

Request maternity care in advance if you are about 3 months pregnant. What does the maternity nurse do, how is the number of hours determined and what does the insurance reimburse? What does a maternity nurse do? When you have given birth, you need time to recover from the pregnancy and […]

Pots – Different types

The wooden pot Wood is widely used for making garden pots. The downside for wooden containers is that they rot more or less quickly. It is therefore essential to opt for a prior treatment of the wood against rot with a fungicidal product. Otherwise, there are also old recycled wine barrels in […]

Cycling: Benefits, It Is Good For…

Cycling is an aerobic activity that brings numerous physical benefits, all proven by various scientific studies. Some might say that not only cycling but practicing any sport is good for health. But the advantage of the bike is precisely this: it is not necessary to play sports to enjoy the benefits in […]

Disability: Types and Definitions

There are different types of disability, with visual, motor, mental, and hearing impairment being the most common. The World Health Organization defined disability as “any loss or abnormality related to the psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function”. In other words, disability is part of the human condition insofar as it can be […]