Disability: Types and Definitions

There are different types of disability, with visual, motor, mental, and hearing impairment being the most common. The World Health Organization defined disability as “any loss or abnormality related to the psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function”. In other words, disability is part of the human condition insofar as it can be […]

Electrician, The difference between electrical

Electrician provides power to the facility, correctly organizes the connection of lines with equipment, lays cables, punches holes in the walls for wiring, installs electrical panels, connects lighting devices, air conditioning, and other engineering systems to the power supply. These employees are responsible for the prompt restoration of power supply […]

Plumbing: Important ways to save water

With another hot and dry summer approaching, many cities and municipalities are introducing new water conservation measures in an attempt to reduce water consumption during the dry summer months according to plumbing. To this end, many are starting to install water meters for billing and moving from a flat rate system […]