We know that it can be difficult to get it right the first time. As a Branding agency specialized in the wine and gastronomy sector, we are experts in the design of labels for wine, but not all agencies or design studios are prepared to get their work right. And not because they are bad studies at all, but each agency and each study is specialized or has certain nuances or guidance that can help you decide correctly when you should order a commission for the design of your wine labels or your Packaging. Here are some tips:

1 – They know and enjoy the world of wine:

Can you imagine a designer creating the cover of a book that he has not read because he does not like to read? Make sure that whoever is leading your project enjoys wine, knows it, and has experience in the design of labels for wine

Not only will you ensure a good job, you will be able to count on an agency that, in addition to executing, will also be able to advise you on the most suitable type of bottle, the type of paper depending on whether it is a white or a red, or the type of die that is used. can mount on a bottle. The more they can contribute, the more it will be noticed in the final result of your product. We even order a bottle of the wine we are going to work for to ensure a full and honest discourse between the label design and the wine!

2 – Charge depending on the size and projection of your project

The design of a wine label brings with it a series of conditions that agencies must adapt to when we offer a budget: One is the limitation in the production of wine. Another is the average price per bottle that each bottle will have. Each model is a different scenario that we approach in different ways, providing different differentials. Make sure this concept is understood by the agencies or studios you are going to work with.

3 – They do not have a predefined budget

You must bear in mind that design work is not like selling screws, and more so if it is designed for wine. On occasion, someone has contacted us and their first question is “Because you do me a wine label”. Our processes, although standardized, change completely depending on the project and we never answer this question without a previous conversation. If any study to this question already gives you a price, be careful, it may be that you will end up finding a surprise.

4 – Your work is not finished until the label is stuck on the bottle

Controlling the printing process of the wine label designs we work with is crucial for us. Our budgets always include print management and finish supervision. Like you, we are going to put a lot into that work so that later a printer with little experience can screw it up, and that is why we also have as partners the best label printers in the country.

5 – They show you trust and empathize with your work

As important as that the studio controls the technique and does a good job of designing the label, it is that it empathizes with the client, finds a simple communication, and knows how to translate in a graphic way what the client is looking for. 

Personally, and although this advice may harm us to work with you, if you have found an agency that understands you, does a good job and with which you work in a comfortable way, do not let it go.
There may be many more tips and many more tips to make the right choice in choosing an agency for the design of wine labels, but we are sure that if you meet at least three of these five points, you will have enough guarantee to get it right without tossing a coin in the air.