Cycling is an aerobic activity that brings numerous physical benefits, all proven by various scientific studies. Some might say that not only cycling but practicing any sport is good for health. But the advantage of the bike is precisely this: it is not necessary to play sports to enjoy the benefits in question; in fact, in most cases, it would be enough to pedal 20-30 minutes a day to stay in better shape

This is possible by going to work by bike, or in general using the bike for some habitual movement, the important thing is to do it regularly over the medium-long term and take some precautions. Furthermore, the bicycle has positive effects not only on the body. So let’s see all the reasons why cycling is good for you!

It’s good for the heart

Like all aerobic activities, cycling takes overwork on the heart, but as our body adjusts to stress, the heart, and cardiovascular system change to become more efficient. By cycling regularly (30 minutes a day) the heart becomes heavier and bigger, so it can contain more blood volume, increases the capillarization of the muscles, and gets less tired to perform its activity. These factors provide a protective action for the heart and arteries, reducing the risk of hypertension and heart attack.

It’s good for physical fitness

Riding a bike helps keep fit and promotes a general toning of the body. By working on the push phase, such as pedaling in long intercourse or short, explosive climbs, it is possible to firm up the glutes, which are power delivery muscles and are activated when the hip is extending.

It’s good for the mind

According to researchers from the University of Illinois Think Teamparticipants in one experiment found a 15% improvement on mental tests after improving their cycling performance by as little as 5%. The data is interpreted as follows: physical exercise stimulates the generation of new cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory. This effect can be of particular benefit to Alzheimer’s patients, but also to Parkinson’s disease patients.

It’s good for the line

The use of the bicycle, if practiced 20 minutes a day in particular ways, can help you lose weight. One trick to lose weight is to pedal before breakfast, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, in fact, our body burns fatter when we are hungry than when we are full. Other research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that after just two weeks of cycling every other day, the cyclist’s ability to burn fat increases by 36%. Working out on short sprints, uphill, or pedaling in a long gear, speeds up your metabolism so that you continue to burn fat even in the shower after getting off the saddle.

It’s good for sleep

Researchers at Stanford University’s School of Medicine found that cycling 20-30 minutes a day helps those with insomnia fall asleep in half the time and increases sleep by about an hour. The benefits could also partly be due to exposure to sunlight when cycling. According to Professor Jim Horne of Loughborough University Sleep Research Center, sunlight helps us maintain our daily biological rhythms and decreases cortisol levels in the body, thereby stimulating sleep.

It’s good for sex

According to a cardiologist, “a well-trained heart pumps up to 50 percent more blood with each beat than an untrained one.” The male erection, on the other hand, is determined not only by arousal, but also by the flow of blood to the penis, and for this reason, a cardiovascular system that works well is the minimum condition. Cycling also benefits the legs, pelvic area, and lower back, all muscles actively used during sexual intercourse. So the more these muscles are developed, the better and more powerful the relationship will be.

It’s good for your wallet

The annual operating cost of a car is equal to $ 8,220 against the annual operating cost of a bicycle which is equal to $ 308: cycling costs 26 times less. The costs of petrol, parking, fines, road tax, insurance are completely reduced, and those for purchase and maintenance are much lower.

It’s good for the environment

Replacing the car with the bike, as we know, would bring enormous benefits to the environment and the air we breathe. More intense collective use of the bike reduces pollution and CO2 emissions. And in any case, all this translates, once again, into a benefit for our health, because breathing polluted air is not good for our lungs. The bike also increases the beauty of the city, reducing the presence of cars in historic centers.

It’s good for mood and happiness

The mood is the psychological and emotional condition that is the background to any human activity. We humans have a feeling or an emotion in the face of any event. Cycling consumes energy and the brain produces substances that improve mood, such as endorphins. Furthermore, the sense of freedom and self-determination, that is, of being masters of one’s own existence, increases psychological well-being.

Thanks to the continuous use of the bike, the body improves and with it also self-esteem, since we see ourselves more beautiful and in better shape, we are more inclined to accept ourselves and relate to others

Finally, an internal dialogue called self-efficacy takes place in our psyche, that is, a sort of evaluation and awareness of one’s abilities, dictated precisely by the strengthened feeling of self-determination.
Basically, we convince ourselves that we are better, more beautiful, and stronger. 

Upgrade your cycling position to increase the fun

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