Panel fencing or mesh? This question is often asked by people looking for a relatively inexpensive and durable property fence. We advise why it is worth putting on a panel fence and what to pay attention to in order to create a solid and aesthetic structure.

Why is panel fencing better than mesh fencing?

Fencing a property around a house or business is an expensive investment, so the choice of the type of fence should be carefully considered. Following only the financial criterion, it seems more attractive to erect a mesh fence, but this solution may turn out to be inadequate in the long run. Panel fences, which are becoming more and more popular, are a much better choice.

Panel fencing is more durable

First, panel fencing is much more durable than mesh fencing. Made of stiff steel wire, and additionally reinforced with embossing, they are resistant to deformation and damage. The net is flexible, susceptible to deformation, which can occur during transport.

Panel fencing is more resistant to corrosion

Another advantage of panel fencing is greater resistance to corrosion. In the case of a galvanized mesh, rust centers relatively quickly develop at the points of contact of the mesh. PVC is also not a satisfactory solution, as it crumbles and leaves the “bare” wire susceptible to weather conditions. The panels are hot-dip galvanized, and additionally, powder coating can be used, thanks to which the negative impact of moisture is much smaller.

Panel fencing is easier to install

It takes a lot of time and energy to install a mesh fence. The roll must be skilfully stretched, taking into account the diversity of the terrain, and then trimmed at the connection points, the assembly requires the involvement of more than one person.

Putting up a panel fence instead of a mesh is much less complicated. Ready elements are easily mounted to the fence posts with the use of special clamps. You can successfully do it alone, and if you care about time, a professional team will erect a fence even in one day.

The fence panels are nicer

The last, but no less important issue is the aesthetic value. The mesh is still associated with industrial areas and looks much inferior to panel structures. These are currently available in many variants, so we can easily choose the model and colors that perfectly match the nature of the property.

Panel fencing – a universal solution for home and business

Panel fences are perfect for public plots as well as for home and company areas. Thanks to the rich design, we can easily adapt them to the classic and modern style. Properly selected panels can become an attractive decorative element and, at the same time, permanent protection against uninvited guests.

Which fence panels to choose?

There is an important question to ask yourself when choosing a panel fence: what thickness of the wire are you interested in. The most durable will be panels whose wire diameter is not less than 4.5-5 mm. Although thinner wires (3.8 mm in the light version, and even 3.5 mm in the super-light version) are cheaper, the saving is deceptive. Such a small thickness of the wire results in lower mechanical resistance, and thus – the need for more frequent maintenance and repair works, which generate additional costs.

Another criterion is the presence of embossing, which allows distinguishing 2D and 3D panels.

2D panel fencing

Fences made of 2D panels are simple systems, without additional reinforcement in the form of the aforementioned embossments. They are made up of single vertical wires and double horizontal wires.

3D panel fencing

The 3D panels in system fences have three-dimensional horizontal ribs in the shape of the letter V. The higher the fence, the more ribs there are. They guarantee greater stiffness and better durability of the fence. Compared to 2D panels, they are also more visually attractive.

Strength of a panel fence

The way in which the elements are protected against rust should also affect which fence panels to choose. It is extremely important – low anti-corrosion parameters will cause that the continuity of the wires will be interrupted in a short time due to the development of rust, and the fence will no longer fulfill its function properly.

Hot dip galvanized fence panels

During the hot-dip galvanizing process, the panel is immersed in liquid zinc at a temperature of approx. 500 degrees Celsius. As a result, the wires create a protective coating with a thickness of 70 to 150 micrometers, resistant to moisture. Well-done galvanizing allows you to protect the panels for up to 50 years. However, it is important that it is carried out by specialists who will prevent the formation of thickenings on the surface of the wires, making it difficult to paint.

Galvanized and powder coated panels

Powder coating for additional protection of the panel against rust, and at the same time a way to give them the desired color. The preparation applied in the form of a powder adheres better to the surface without creating bubbles and unevenness – it smoothes it and gives it shine. This increases the panel’s resistance to mechanical, atmospheric, and chemical damage.

Panel fence – price with assembly

The price list of panel fences will vary depending on the extent of the fenced area, the quality of the materials used, the thickness of the wire, or the method of protection against corrosion. The height of the spans is also important – the higher it is, the higher the price of the panel fence.

An additional cost is, of course, labor. We can set up the fence on our own, however, deciding to help professionals, we gain additional warranty rights and, above all, the certainty of a solid performance.

Panel fence with a foundation – price

panel fence with a foundation will cost us a bit more, but it is worth bearing the higher costs. The foundation is additional insulation against ground moisture. It also makes it impossible to make trenches, which can be important, for example, for dog owners. Apart from the price of prefabricated concrete foundation elements, the price of the fasteners should be taken into account.

To calculate how much a panel fence costs, then let’s consider:

  • fence panels,
  • corner posts,
  • pass-through and end clamps necessary for assembly,
  • elements of the foundation.

The wicket and the entrance gate also require a valuation.

What to look for when choosing a panel fence manufacturer?

Many people are looking for information on where to buy the cheapest fence panels. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s experience should be a more important criterion – choosing a company with a high reputation is the certainty of the highest quality of the product. It will allow us to avoid the costs of repairing or, even worse, replacing the fence with maximum savings for many years.

What should you consider when choosing a producer of fencing panels? High-quality services are undoubtedly indicated by: many years of activity in the industry, good technological facilities, a professional production, and assembly team as well as openness to modern production methods.

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