You have decided to declare yourself. You love her and are eager to see her face light up when you meet her gaze and make her the fateful proposal. All you need is a single “small” admirable detail, to make that ” Yes! ” Special “: An engagement ring

We know that choosing the right ring can seem like a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to worry. 

Driveaway your anxieties, because you are about to discover all the information you need to decide what the perfect ring will be that will represent your love.

Engagement ring: where to start

Were you thinking of throwing yourself on a classic solitaire? It is almost instinctive to imagine that it can please all women. In reality, you don’t have to take it for granted: the engagement ring must be unique and fully satisfy the personal tastes of your sweetheart. 

Is she a simple girl, with a minimal style, or does she usually wear more extravagant and showy jewelry?

This is the starting point for choosing an engagement ring: if you really want to be sure about the style of jewelry your partner likes to wear, don’t be afraid to ask her best friends for advice too. You will see that they will be happy to help you, but make sure they keep the maximum confidentiality. 

Choose the right metal for your engagement ring

The first decision you will face will be choosing the right metal for your engagement ring. You can opt for gold, in its variants, or for platinum, which still remains the most precious and rare metal.

If you decide to opt for a gold engagement ring, then you will have to choose its quality and color as well. Yellow gold is perfect for girls with amber skin with a warm undertone, even if it is an option chosen above all abroad.

White gold, with its youthful aura, is usually the most popular choice, but you could also choose a rose gold ring: a more original solution that can still be appreciated and, therefore, to be taken into consideration. 

The platinum remains, however, the best metal ever to make beautiful engagement rings: a precious material, the noblest and refined. 

The diamond tradition

The engagement ring is the symbol of eternal love, of a deep bond destined to last for a lifetime. For this reason, the choice of the type and quality of the precious stone is of crucial importance. 

Which one to choose? If she is an incurable romantic, then play it safe, choose the diamond.

Due to its characteristics, it is among the most coveted and desired stones by women: transparent, brilliant, pure, and eternal, just like your love for her.

However, before you try your hand at choosing a diamond ring , you will need to evaluate the 4 essential parameters: 

  • the cut. This is the most important phase because the brilliance of the diamond depends on its accuracy. A coarse cut prevents light from reflecting and drastically lowers the purity and quality of the stone. There are different types of diamond cuts. The most common is the round one, but they can also be drop, square, heart, etc.
  • the carat. It is the unit of measurement of the weight of diamonds. The more precious it is, the more the carat increases and inevitably also the price.
  • the color. You may not know, but diamonds aren’t just white. The gradations range from D, the most transparent and rare one, to Z, characterized by negative coloring (the saturation can be towards yellow, brown, or gray).
  • purity. Being natural stones, diamonds can have imperfections called “inclusions”. As you can guess, a diamond with no or minimal inclusions will be more precious. 

If you want to be sure that you are buying the right diamond for your expectations, in this article you will find all the information you need: How to choose a diamond: the characteristics for the perfect purchase.

Well, now you are ready to turn your attention to the type of ring, or to evaluate the style and design characteristics that distinguish it. Let’s see together which are the most common.

Types of diamond engagement rings

The style of the ring shows the taste of those who choose it, so it is very subjective. Jewelery designers and expert craftsmen know well how important it is to bring together the different aspects in a harmonious creation with a sure emotional impact.

Together we can create a custom engagement ring in our goldsmith workshop, or you can choose from a large selection of existing styles. 

Since that moment it has become a must for jewelry all over the world, without ever going out of fashion.

Engagement ring: alternative solutions

Said of the superiority of the solitaire, however, other types should also be mentioned which, although chosen more rarely, can still be considered as an engagement ring: 

  • true ring, or eternity: the diamond, symbol of purity and eternity, is repeated in an infinite circle, circumscribing the entire perimeter of the record;
  • trilogy ring: composed of three diamonds, a symbol of love lived in three dimensions: past, present, and future. However, it is usually given as a gift after or after the birth of a child.

If, on the other hand, you want to break the tradition, and surprise your girlfriend with an exclusive jewel, another option can be a ring with colored stones.

Getting your eye color back, for example, could be a detail that your woman really likes. You will be able to make her feel how much care and passion you have put into choosing a ring that highlights her qualities, but make sure that it shines with the colors she loves to wear. 

The emerald ring is perfect if your girlfriend has green eyes. It will enhance its beauty and illuminate it with a warm and radiant light. On the other hand, if she is a girl with a light complexion, why not choose a white gold ring with aquamarine? Elegant and timeless, it is a great alternative to the traditional diamond. 

The perfect engagement ring for your proposal

The engagement ring is a personal choice with a strong emotional and symbolic value. For this, you must consider the advice you have just read as guidelines, to find the essence of a ring that can radiate the uniqueness of your love. 

Let yourself be guided by your instincts: you know her better than anyone else, you won’t go wrong.

However, if you still have doubts or want your ring to be a unique and original creation, contact us or come and visit us in the shop: our expert craftsmen can help you and accompany you in choosing that unique inimitable ring that will make yours magical. proposal.

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