Many people tend to confuse when speaking or thinking that the engagement rings and the alliance are the same, so we explain the differences:

Engagement rings :

The engagement rings is the one traditionally given by the man to the woman, given to her at the “request for a hand” and fulfills the function of a symbol of formalization of the couple to marry.

Alliances or wedding ring :

The alliances or wedding ring are two: one for each groom. They are delivered on the wedding day in the ceremony and their function is to symbolize the union of the couple eternally.

engagement rings

The engagement ring :

Is usually more striking in terms of design. It usually has a diamond engagement rings and can be of many materials and types of stones.

The alliances or wedding rings :

Are simpler, usually half round or plain. Its material, in most cases, is gold for its durability. This gold, as we already know, can vary the color or combine it as you want. Once married, it is ring normal to wear it regularly on a day-to-day basis, which is why greater comfort and simplicity are sought.

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