A career as a consultant, especially business consultant such as marketing, sales, finance, law, IT, etc. It is considered a career that many people dream of. This is because you will be trusted by management and business owners to provide business advice. The most important thing is that they are not employed at all. You don’t have to work full time either.

A famous business consultant that I know such as Khun Boonlei Plungsiri, former AIS executive, Khun Young Money Coach, etc., or organizations that are specialized in consulting business such as Accenture, Baker & McKenzie, Deloitte, KPMG, etc.

As for business consultants who are famous in social media, try to judge who is real or fake. Easy way to check Is education qualification proven business experience Reliability, etc. Because if you want to find a consultant in the online world, then you should find the real thing better.

This profession has many advantages and has many business consultants. People who have received hundreds of thousands of pay, or have even retired, are able to do so because of their deep business experience. It also has business value for future generations as well. 

Let’s see how you want to be a good mentor and how to be sustainable as a business consultant.

1. Find yourself what you are good at.

If you are good at selling, head on over for sales. If you are great in marketing, get the most out of this field. Or if you are good at finance, it’s great because many places need good people.

2. Should have a credible qualification that is related to that science.

Education qualifications are of great importance, especially in business qualifications coming from world-class institutions. It will be great if you specialize in a master’s degree or above. It is better to be a doctor. It is proof that you have passed the standardized institutional test.

3. Work really cool and go hard.

Work, whether working in an organization or on a personal business. You should have tangible evidence that you have been successful and have had a high level of work experience. Especially the management position (C-Level) that you should reach. Because it assumes that you have passed the work from the operational level to the executive level who knows well about managing people.

4. Start blogging, website, or business knowledge-related content.

It’s the easiest way to make the world see your jagged brain and your expertise, and at least a penny. Everything you do will imply more knowledge in your head. For example, you are good at marketing. Try writing articles or creating content marketing that is knowledgeable and beneficial to the organization. Then see the results of how people see and feel. Which is simply measured by comments, likes, shares, and always do it.

5. Try to be a consultant to people close to you for free. And see the feedback

It’s a simple practice. Plus get to know what the feeling will be the solution is, you likely have a close friend or acquaintance who does business or work. Offer yourself a consultant that will give you advice and help them figure out ways to make their business better for free. Then I try to follow up on how much better results they have already taken. If true Show that what you are a mentor has started to blossom.

6.Apply to the connection of many business people.

Get into the circle of businesspeople. This era is very easy to find, such as short-term business courses, MBA programs, popular institutions, business seminars, etc., which will allow you to meet business people and build relationships to become a reliable business consultant for them. Forgot to set up a profile in the link as well, that you are already a Business Consultant.

7. Charge and work patterns completely.

When everything is ready Try setting up your advisor on what level of income you need to be satisfied. Don’t forget that you didn’t do full time. But you have to spend time working with your clients as well. And you also have to do your best, because your credit will lose. And set the scope of work before accepting work, such as visiting customers 4 times a month or taking action to make them look like examples but don’t commit sales.

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