We are a company of Locksmith in Newcastle with many years of experience in the field of locksmithing and everything related to security mechanisms

As such, we know how important and serious our work is, that is why our commitment today and always is to offer you the highest range of services in locksmith and security, as well as specialized solutions such as opening safes, always at prices economical and with the professionalism you deserve.

safe is an ideal place for the safeguarding of extremely important documents, as well as the storage of jewelry or things that simply have sentimental value for us.

 However, when a relative dies, or simply for some reason forgets the combination of the safe, this storage, more than protection, practically steals the content, unless of course, you have a trusted professional who is in charge of opening the boxes.

Thinking about it, our company has been working for years to offer you the best service in highly specialized locksmithing, putting our best locksmiths at your command opening safes.

By hiring our company, you can be completely sure that you are paying true professionals in the field of safes and locksmiths. We have licenses and permits at sight for everything from simple locksmith jobs to specialized and serious ones such as the installation of mechanical and electronic security systems, as well as the management and opening of safes in Newcastle.

Our professional locksmiths opening safes

To provide you with the best and most agile service, our specialist locksmiths in security mechanisms with technical level up to engineers have vast experience in solving and applying all kinds of problems and locksmith services, including especially the opening of safes.

We are not a mixture of amateur blacksmiths and locksmiths, we are experts with sophisticated knowledge about all types of mechanisms in safes, and we also use appropriate tools and the latest technology, as well as full quality spare parts, to be able to provide you with a service safe opening Newcastle with minimal damage to the safe, and above all, with zero possibility of burning, breaking or destroying in any way the contents of your safety during the opening process, we guarantee it in writing.

All our workers focused on the opening of safes have been working with us for years, they are trusted personnel with the experience, professionalism, and discretion that should be had when opening a safe, and of course, we only open safes when has verified us or it is evident that we deal with the owner of the safe, our discretion comes hand in hand with our great professional ethics, that is why to open safes and other solutions in security mechanisms and locksmith, we are the first option of trust for thousands of people.

Safe opening service

Our specialist locksmiths have the knowledge, technology, and tools to be able to open practically any safe, no matter its size, age or how modern and sophisticated it is, or if it is encryption safe mechanical or electronic, or both, you can be sure we can handle it.

The cost of opening safes in Newcastle varies according to the model of the safe and the type of encryption mechanism it has. In some cases it may be possible to open the box with practically no damage, in others, we use drills and special technology that can mean opening the box with damage to its mechanical or electronic system, but always with the contents of the box. intact.

Our specialists are in charge of achieving the opening, but you can be the first to see the content unless the box presents some inconvenience that requires an opening that results in forcing the door out, our team will always maintain professionalism and will not touch its properties at the time of opening the safe.

For hiring in repair and opening of safes, call us at
0407 452 424 / (02) 4942 2202 and one of our professionals will go to where you are to analyze the model and other details of the box in order to provide you with a budget without obligation.