Tiling is used for a variety of purposes in construction, but as they’re outside and exposed to the elements you need to make sure that your tiles stay looking their best.

Tiled surfaces can be kept clean by sweeping with water or using an appropriate cleaning product. You should also use a sealant on tiled floors before heavy traffic areas such as entrances or kitchens so that dirt doesn’t get ground into them over time.

Tiling for bathrooms and kitchen is considered functional materials with good aesthetics, so they are most often used in interior decoration. When purchasing material for subsequent use, pay attention to the components of the adhesive mass, the selected grout, in order to immediately buy a composition that can quickly eliminate stains during installation.

Manufacturers produce products that are in demand during the installation of wall cladding (floor), detergents for regular use, and special-purpose goods with a narrow profile of action. Tiling cleaners include cleaning functions, successfully dealing with household dirt. If you have completed the installation of a piece decor, and the media of the binder, glue, resins remain on the surface, then they need to be removed early, until they have hardened. Rust marks on plumbing also need special treatment.

Why Routine Cleaning With Water And Soap Doesn’t Always Help?

This option is suitable for weekly and more frequent cleaning of surfaces. 

If a child’s pen suddenly leaks and the floor underfoot is stained with ink, a product with an acid-base will help out. Coloring drinks and fats are removed by an alkaline product. The wax from the candle traces from the bike of the baby rolling around the apartment, drops of resin will be eliminated by the solvent.

Mineral bonded joints prevent contact with acids, and epoxy grout easily tolerates concentrated compounds. Tiling without glaze is cleaned with emulsions – means for the maintenance of tiling that prevent the formation of mold. And rubbing with wax mastic will exclude the formation of places convenient for the reproduction of populations of microorganisms. There is also a ready-made, inexpensive tool.

Regular ventilation of the room, installation of a ventilation system will help to cope with excess steam. Discovered areas of settlements are processed with deep cleansing agents.

Secrets to keeping walls and floors looking great


  • In the hallway, put a rubber or fabric mat at the entrance, and place a grate in front of the outer door to the dwelling. This will help move sand, adhering leaves, small stones that can scratch the floor material from the soles. In the evening, sweep away dirt with a broom so that it does not spread throughout the apartment. You can also go outside and shake out the rugs.
  • Many people choose porcelain stoneware as a material that “grandchildren will see”. If ideal cleanliness is not just words for you, but a complex of actions, we recommend trying Litokol tiling cleaner, which is designed for daily use. To gently repair minor damages and reduce the adhesion coefficient of dirt and stains, use polymer impregnation, which will create a film layer with a matting effect.
  • Regularly clean the apartment (private house, summer cottage) with a vacuum cleaner using a nozzle with a soft tip.


Products for the maintenance of tiling on vertical surfaces touch the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Wipe off water, soap splashes, splashes of grease during cooking without delay.
  • When choosing products, remember: the glazed surface of the finish is afraid of concentrated acids.
  • Wipe dry the walls after showering or bathing. This will get rid of lime efflorescence (they will be especially visible on dark tiling or textured analogs) and will prevent the creation of “greenhouse conditions” for unwanted micro-habitats.

After considering the proposals on the market, we can conclude: there is no universal tiling cleaner since many factors are taken into account regarding the material of the outer layer, the composition of the glue. And for washing, you can choose a product that will help keep the tiling walls and floors in good condition.