If you want to free up a couple of extra meters in your little room, or vice versa in a large country house to make the immense living room turn into two rooms with one movement of your hand, you just need to put hinged into your roller doors.

Advantages and disadvantages

We found out two main reasons why hinged roller doors are installed with our own hands. But there are still some aspects that speak in favor of using doors of this design.

  • Saving useful space.
  • Division of the premises into two rooms.
  • A well-assembled sliding door never closes or opens spontaneously, while a swing door can be opened even by an ordinary draft.
  • Visual expansion of space.
  • Some designs require no threshold.
  • For some decoration styles, apartments are an integral part of the overall interior.
  • With a little improvement, they can easily turn into automatic ones.
  • In most cases, the installation of hinged doors does not require special knowledge and unique skills.

However, not everything is so rosy and open. Like any thing in principle, a suspended door has a number of disadvantages.

  • Relative high cost in comparison with a swing door.
  • The almost complete absence of sound and heat insulation. The design of hinged roller doors is such that there are almost always gaps between the leaf and the door frame, so that it will not delay smells from the kitchen either.
  • During installation, all measurements must be very carefully carried out. Vertical and horizontal should be perfect. Otherwise, the roller doors will spontaneously move in one direction, or it will generally overlap.
  • The upper and especially the lower guides, as well as the roller system, must be cleaned periodically.

Materials and tools

But we decided on the choice of design. The wife expressed all her wishes for the color and configuration of the door. Now it remains to prepare the materials and tools that will be needed during installation.

  • Materials:
  • Door leaf. One, two, or more.
  • Top guide. The steel rail, inside which the roller mechanism will ride, is twice as long as the width of the door leaf.
  • Wooden beams of the same length and section 50/50 mm.
  • A set of rollers and special attachments to them.
  • Door frame boards.
  • Platbands for a new doorway.
  • Door furniture.
  • Anchors or dowels for fixing the timber to the wall.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Tools.
  • Drill with a set of drills for wood and concrete.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Manual cutter.
  • Plane.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Screwdriver.
  • A hammer.
  • Chisel.
  • Pliers.
  • Building level.
  • Plumb line.
  • Roulette.

The lists are quite extensive, but all this can come in handy for a high-quality installation of a hinged door.

Installing a hinged door

Let’s take the installation of a single sliding roller doors with one guide as a template. All other structures, except for the cassette, are mounted according to the same principle.

  • You need to start by dismantling the old door frame and installing a new one. In contrast to the frame for swing roller doors, this one is much simpler. Sawed-off boards or chipboard are fastened together with long screws. The frame is inserted into the doorway and secured with wooden wedges. There is absolutely no need to fear that the new door frame will not withstand the load, for the reason that there will be no load on it. It performs a purely aesthetic function.
  • The upper guide rail is attached to a wooden beam, the length of which is equal to the double width of the door, using self-tapping screws.
  • A beam with guide anchors is attached above the doorway with a long end in the direction where the door will rollback. In this case, it is necessary to carefully maintain horizontality, which will help the building level. Otherwise, the door will constantly slide to one side.
  • Roller doors are attached to the upper end of the door leaf. The distance from the edge should be indicated in the instructions for the roller system.
  • The rollers are inserted into the guide rail.
  • Travel stops are fitted at both ends of the guide rail.
  • Flag stops are installed on the floor so that the lower groove goes along them, preventing the door from swinging across the movement.
  • The bar, the top guide, and other unpresentable places are decorated with special overlays.

Hinged roller doors have several indisputable advantages over conventional swing doors. However, before you start installing them, you should think carefully, calculate everything, and consult with all family members.

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