Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE) is a mandatory and periodic Building inspection that all buildings over 50 years must pass, in order to ensure their safety . The ITE consists of the review by a  qualified professional technician of any type of building: residential buildings, offices, shops, industrial buildings etc.

ITE Ratings :

The report issued by the technician must assess the general condition of the building according to four qualifications :

  1. No deficiencies
  2. With slight deficiencies
  3. With serious deficiencies
  4. With very serious deficiencies.

Building inspection

You can watch our video about ITE to Building inspection learn more details about how the inspection is organized , what areas of your building need more emphasis and how the regulations work . This is not usually the case, but if you have hired a technician for an excessively low price it may not be as comprehensive as it should. If you know what a good inspection is like, you can stay tuned to prevent bad practices. The inspection should review the roofs and eaves, facades, walls, forged in order to detect possible deficiencies that result in major building safety problems.

Obligation of the Technical Inspection of Buildings :

The first ITE must be passed Building inspection through the building when it turns 50 , therefore the ITE 2019 buildings – buildings that must pass the inspection throughout 2019 – are all the buildings that were built in 1969 .

An ITE renewal is mandatory every 10 years after the first one. The ITE is mandatory , and in cities like Madrid you can already face a penalty of 1,000 euros for the first year without passing it, 2,000 the second and 3,000 the third.

ITE, also for single-family homes :

If in any of the inspections, be it the Building inspection first or subsequent ones to be carried out, the technician observes that there is some type of deficiency that may jeopardize the safety of the construction of the building, of the tenants who inhabit it or of people who are If they are close to him, he must immediately notify the Town Hall of the municipality where the house is located to take the necessary security measures.

In some autonomous communities, single-family homes that do not give to public roads are exempt from the revision. It is important to know the regulations in this regard before drawing conclusions.

ITE: Buildings and regulations :

The municipal regulation that Building inspection regulates the ITE in the city of Zaragoza is the Regulatory Ordinance of the Duty of Conservation, Building and Technical Inspection of Buildings .

Far from seeing the ITE as an imposition, we must see that the advantages of passing the ITE (extend the life of your building, helping you keep it in optimal safety conditions and avoiding Building inspection material damage and physical risks to people) can help save lives .